Breaking Through The Strongest Resistance

The more determined you are to make changes in the way you think, the more prepared you  can be when it comes to accepting change and letting go of your past. Once you have chosen to believe the affirmations you have created, you can force your subconscious into two opposite reactions – reappraisal or avoidance.

The bigger the issue you face, the bigger the gap between inner truth and positive  affirmations will be. This may cause you to experience resistance, a process wherein the subconscious mind chooses to stick to perceived inner truths and prevent you from examining the issue at hand. This strong reaction is usually marked by an overwhelming negative feeling that you experience as you try stating positive affirmations.

On the other hand, reappraisal happens when you experience a sense of well being and joy. This forces your mind to respond according to its set of beliefs in an instinctive manner. This thrilling sensation is a good indication that the affirmations you made are finally working. By constantly repeating affirmations with passion and conviction, you can start chipping away even the strongest resistance you may experience. You can even use additional techniques that can magnify the effectiveness of your affirmations.

Once you finally break the resistance, your subconscious will automatically re-examine its core beliefs and thought patterns. When your dysfunctional beliefs are identified and replaced by a new set of inner truths, things will change quickly before your eyes. Depending on how deep these beliefs lay in your consciousness, every other thought you learned based on your original inner truth will slowly become unfounded. Your subconscious mind re-examines all of them and walks you through a period of deep introspection. However, you may need professional support if you are currently experiencing a strong resistance.

Positive affirmations actually work by reprogramming your thought patterns, changing the way you feel about certain circumstances, and replacing dysfunctional beliefs with a new set of inner truths. These effects will eventually lead to a positive change that comes naturally and easily. The strong effects of your affirmations will start reflecting in your external life as you experience seismic changes that will improve many aspects of your life. Remember, affirmations are more than just positive statements. They can be used to create or destroy so they can either bring you failure or success.

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